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Improving PostgreSQL Skills mission and objectives

We endeavor to promote and expand PostgreSQL as a powerful and dependable relational database management system, as well as to contribute to the advancement of knowledge among both beginners and professionals. We hope to promote experience sharing and engagement among PostgreSQL users, developers, and administrators in Russia and the Russian-speaking community outside its boundaries.

Our goal is to bring together PostgreSQL experts and enthusiasts and contribute to the advancement and promotion of this robust database management system. We aspire to become a platform where people can get knowledge, help, and inspiration for their projects.

Our key tasks

  • PostgreSQL promotion

    Raising awareness about the benefits and capabilities of PostgreSQL:

    • Developers
    • Database administrators
    • Aspiring professionals in the DB domain
  • Knowledge sharing

    • Building platforms and informational resources for the free sharing of experience, ideas and solutions.
    • Providing access to high-quality information
    • Encouraging active participation and interaction
  • Facilitating education

    Assisting in providing consultations and training on the use of PostgreSQL, including aspects related to development, optimization, security and database administration
  • Advancement of PostgreSQL

    Participation in testing, provision of feedback to developers, engagements in development projects, documentation and interface localization, and other initiatives contributing to the advancement of PostgreSQL

Latest Releases

2023-09-14 - PostgreSQL 16 Released!

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group today announced the release of PostgreSQL 16, the latest version of the world's most advanced open source database.

PostgreSQL 16 raises its performance, with notable improvements to query parallelism, bulk data loading, and logical replication. There are many features in this release for developers and administrators alike, including more SQL/JSON syntax, new monitoring stats for your workloads, and greater flexibility in defining access control rules for management of policies across large fleets.

For the full list of features in PostgreSQL 16, please review the release notes. You can download PostgreSQL 16 from the download page.













Upcoming Events

PGConf NYC 2023
PG BootCamp Russia 2023
PGDay Israel 2023
PASS Data Community SUMMIT 2023
PGConf.EU 2023
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